Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thing #25

Well, I added a subscription widget and a widget showing who's following the blog. I'm hoping that people who stop by sign up as following so that I can go visit their blog. :o) I also added a poll.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with widgets. I one point you have to my blog about something or really nothing with lots of cool stuff? It'd be too easy to overdue it (I already feel like I have!). I spent about a half hour just digging through widgets. Trying to see if there was one that really had added VALUE. Right now...not so sure.

I also spent more time when I was at home just surfing. Maybe an hour? I'll be interested to see if anyone builds a widget. I saw that there is coding available but that is something I don't even think I want to dip my toe into.

As you can see I've collected quite a few widgets...I've dropped a lot of them into the bottom of my blog while I ponder if I really want to keep them. I do love my Good Reads widget - ever since discovering that in the first 23 Things I've been recommending it to everyone who could use it. Love it!

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