Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thing #19 - Hobbies

I tried Spotify. It was okay but I still prefer Pandora. The app that I use the most for hobbies....any of my hobbies (cooking, crafting, decorating, gardening...) is Pinterest. I like that Pinterest has everything and lets me browse. I am more of a visual person so usually a picture is enough to get me going.

Thing 23

I enjoyed being exposed to so many topics. I would definitely do this again. I have gotten to the point I could do everything I need to on a tablet instead of a laptop. It is amazing what an android can do!

Thing #18 - Education

Advanced Dictionary - Liked it!
Duolingo - LOVE! I really had fun trying this out. I actually installed it on my phone after using it on my tablet. Hoping this will help me keep my Spanish language skills from completely atrophying.
Itranslate - LOVE
Ted - LOVE

The ITranslate got me thinking.....and I remembered that Google Translate had added my husband's first language (Nepali) within the last year or so. And so I checked - yep - Google Translate is also an app. Total score! :) Google Translate has over 80 will boggle your mind.

Thing #22 - Discover

I added Droid of the Day. Admittedly I haven't had enough time with it yet to see if it is a winner in my opinion. I'll post more after a couple days of getting its suggestions.

One article I liked this year:,2817,2393097,00.asp

Thing #17 - Connecting to Community

I liked the 511mn app - I was surprised that I hadn't downloaded the app already since I use their website a ton during the winter. I downloaded the MN State Fair app and hope to use it at the fair this year if I make it out there. ExploreMinnesota app crashed and I had to restart my device. It would be nice to have this one working as I really like the website. I was all set to use the MPR app but then read that it is a battery hog. So I'm going to pass on that one for now. All in all...a lot of winners - thanks for the list!