Monday, May 11, 2009

Thing # 39 Photo Tales

I enjoyed using Scrapblog. I've played around a simplified version of this before on ofoto when I was contemplating having a collection bound into a book. (But I never did that.)

I can definately see a use for this at home. At the'll be something I recommend to patrons. But won't really enter into something the staff will use that is work related.

When I went to publish the scrappage on my blog the instant entry tool did not work. So, I had to copy and paste the code manually into a widget. I tried it twice and it didn't work as slick as it should have.

I was bummed to see that some of the themes on Scrapblog aren't free. But they were reasonable...more than anything they gave me ideas.

Scrapping is something I've always wanted to try...but realize I don't have the patience for it. This was a fun way to get around that. :o) I also have family and friends who are far away and I really liked that I could design a scrapbook, add music and send it on. That was way worth it!

If we offer special computer classes again this would be a tool I'd love to recommend for the advanced user - I don't think it'd be easy enough for beginners. A lot of the functions are too advanced.

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