Monday, June 15, 2009

Thing # 47 Evaluation

I really enjoyed a lot of the graphics tools (Scrapblog, Animoto, etc.) and it reminded me that new generators/tools and websites are going up ALL. THE. TIME. That if I find something I like I need to not forget to research again later for something else because it is evolving constantly. (That is one of the challenges and joys of the internet...maddening and great.)

I lost some of my spunk somewhere in the middle of these Things but it came back. There was less exploration of new concepts for me this round (as it should be). A lot of the tools I had already been aware of and been using. But that was alright. I would have liked to have seen more out there things....but maybe we're running out of those?

One thing I think people could have benefited from would have been some scheduled chat nights at a chatroom or some such. I think that would have been a new experience for a lot of people and it would have given us a chance to "meet" online.

It was beneficial - if there is ever a 3rd Things I'll keep participating as it's always worth it and I really appreciate that this experience was possible. Thanks!

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