Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thing # 1

I hope to be able to find some tools that will be helpful (and fun) for myself and the patrons I serve. Although I currently use several apps on my phone, I am definately looking forward to this. :)

On a personal note...I resisted getting a smart phone forever as it's a pet peeve of mine - how some people use technology so much as to be oblivious to the people around them. But, I've found that I have managed to keep my device as a tool instead of an extension of self. I do enjoy playing Candy Crush and Words for Friends.

1 comment:

Michael Scott said...

Hurray! Glad you decided to join 23 Mobile Things. I'm your SELCO/SELS cheerleader and want to encourage you to keep going. Looks good so far. I also like Candy Crush! ;-)