Friday, February 8, 2008

Library 2.0

"L2 requires a fundamental change in a library’s mission

It behooves us to look at our mission through an L2 lens . . . It’s possible to “Give them what they want” with ‘L1′, but then, how many is “they”? Is “they” the dwindling elderly population, the soon-to-retire baby-boomers? We can still provide the same level of service to that segment while drastically changing the role libraries play in the lives of our younger constituents . . . A fundamental change in what we think our purpose is is necessary to engage our future tax-payers." (From 11 Reasons Why Library 2.0 Exists and Matters by John Blyberg)

This idea was one of the most compelling ideas expressed by Blyberg, in my opinion. Technology has posed a threat for various traditional institutions and businesses. If libraries and staff can't find newer ways to interact with the changing needs of patrons and how they get their information and entertainment what kind of presence can we maintain in our communities? It's an interesting challenge that must be met head on with the expectation of change.

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