Saturday, May 31, 2008

13). Online Productivity Tools

I have start pages both on Yahoo! and Google. My Yahoo! page is my personal one - has all the fun non-work related gadgets (movie times at local theaters, horoscopes) and my iGoogle I use at work (to do lists, bookmarks).

I tried the one at PageFlakes also. It has a sleeker might also want to know that Yahoo! has recently gone through some updating and offers some choices for personalization, however, it does not dare to even come close to Googles background pages smorgasborg. In fact, it looks like Yahoo is mimicking Google in that way but falling way-short.

I use both Yahoo and Google - what I find is that Google has more tools and gadgets and is more cutting edge. But, Yahoo is more established and is therefore more able to offer groups that serve your needs/interests. Google falls short on groups. If you want to network or chat/email with other people on just about anything, check out Yahoo. If Google was that advanced I'd certainly completely shift over. Well maybe. Only Yahoo offers the Ziggy comic strip for your start page. Google lacks that. (They both have Garfield.)

The PDF converters are nice tool - but I really wish they'd have the ability to convert a Quark file to a PDF. That's the one thing that all online PDF converters fail to have. Google offers a PDF converter gadget as well - just another thing on my iGoogle page to make things handier at work.

One last note...I LOVE 30 Boxes. LOVE IT!!! I'll be entering in friend's birthdays and my to do list stuff. I am a chronic birth-date forgetter. I have less than five birthdays memorized (and one of them is my own and one of the others is the day after mine) - I am horrible at dates so I'm looking forward to using this tool. This tool also has the option to email you ahead of time for events.

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