Wednesday, May 21, 2008

3). RSS Feeds

I love the fact that with RSS feeds I can put everything in one spot and that it saves the data so I can read it when I remember to when I finally have time. (Between lack of time and memory I can get really behind.)

I've found it useful because I've been able to find blogs and websites that are on the same track or farther ahead - easy to pick up something useful without having to dig for it.

Teachers and media specialists can make us this because it really makes everything accessible. And because the content is so fresh you can stay on top of things - or at least the things you want to stay on top of.

I like using Google Reader. In fact, I love Google in general - check out all those tools it has and the betas in testing. Wow!

My favorite reads: "Tame the Web," "The Shifted Librarian," "Library Stuff" and "Blog Junction."

As for using RSS for audio content (mp3 players) - check out to find podcasts and audio to subscribe and listen to but first checkout Juice.

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