Monday, March 2, 2009

Thing #31 Twitter

I've added Twitter to my iGoogle page. I have a 3G phone but have not opted in to any of the texting services (do so little of that) that Twitter wouldn't be useful on my phone at this time...but I could see it maybe being that sometime.

I use my Twitter account as a professional tool - I've found some nifty links that others have shared: Wakanheza program was started in Ramsey county but offers some good info that can easily be applied in a library environment. If not for Twitter I'd never would have found this.

I'm now listed in the TweeterDirectory. At first I missed librarians under the education heading...almost put myself under "Knowledge Management." LOL.

I've found that Twitter is.....what you make of it. You might find that you never use it or why would you even want to? It is more likely to be that if you don't experiment with it. Even now, I find that I try to check mine daily (although sometimes I forget) and maybe every other time I'm on. Some people I've subscribed to only post personal stuff (Shouldn't have partied last night.) - things that I'd never send out to cyber land. And others, you never get a sense of who they are. I hope I'm in the middle. Otherwise, what's the point?

I use it more for microblogging and then some conversing. That's where I'm at on that scale. It's a super tool that I wish existed for me when I was in college.

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