Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thing #32 Google Maps

I created a mashup of handy places to take a book and read in the town I work and shared it. I'll probably create on of places my husband and I visited on our honeymoon in Washington state. Maybe I'll scrapbook that for posterity - I always thought for sure I'd remember all the places we went and stayed at but my memory is already getting fuzzy. How disappointing.

I've enjoyed the Google Maps functions when going places I'm unfamiliar with. When I looked up the SELCO site I could even "drive" along and look at sites along the main roads in Rochester. Very impressive. I sometimes also like to use it to armchair travel...see sites I'd like to visit or have visited and just wanted to check out for fun.

I wish there was a Google Maps mashup of movie locations used. Then maybe you could travel and stop and recognize sites used in your favorite movies. That'd be fun.

I really couldn't think of a way that it'd really be that useful for our library.

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