Monday, March 9, 2009

Thing #33 Travel 2.0 the "collective wisdom" website had NO knowledge when it came to me trying to find information about places I'd like to travel to. offered some interesting places to check out the next time I stravel up to Duluth or to the Twin Cities. The nearest green location on the map from where I am is in New Ulm at Morgan Creek Vineyards (I've been there and it IS neat!). I'd visit this site again if looking for info on places I'm travelling - would easily choose it over I am now debating between using mapness or MyGoogleMaps to create a mashup of places I visited on my honeymoon. (There were a lot of places!) Mapness lacks some of the bells and whistles that MyGoogleMaps does, so I think I will keep to that but will keep Mapness in mind. I could easily surf My Kugelhopf for quite a while. The pictures are great!

Some of my favorite travel sites:

www.exploreminnesota/myfavoriteminessota/ - Explore Minnesota is awesome but making it even better is My Favorite Minnesota - people can make lists of their favorite places and share them - I've found some great lesser known places to go visit that are much closer to me. Very helpful and fun!

*ExploreMinnesota is one I regularly recommend to patrons who are surfing OR purposefully searching for Minnesota travel information. It is a fabulous site with so many tools!!!
Also I've found Babelfish useful when it comes to translating ...haven't had a chance to travel and use it since I haven't gone far lately but I do use it now and then.

I also enjoy searching based on a location and "food blog" - you never know what you'll find. Half of the memories of a trip is the great food you ate. Mm, like the pasties I had up at Two Harbors at Vanilla Bean.

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