Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thing #41 Mashup Your Life

First I tried SuprGlu...the application failed. Next....TabUp. I tried it out....nothing impressive - much rather using my iGoogle page.

Profilactic appears to be more useful. I was able to add my Delicious and Twitter account. But, when I tried to add my GoogleReader and Facebook it wouldn't let me - it required that I look up account id information to post it. Blah. Who has the time to do that? Especially when I tend to be behind in the use of both of those services.

I have seriously reached the point of social tools overload. I've taken to Twitter and then neglect another. Every single app that I sign up for now is just clutter to me. Seriously, if I can't put it on my iGoogle page forget it! Has anyone else reached this point?

Where's the usefulness in a service when you find that you have to find time to remember to use it and then USE it? If I can't see the point of it in my life at this point then I don't want it.

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