Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thing #44 - The Economy

I really liked Wisebread and Mint. Wisebread offered some great freebies - and I love freebies. (Who doesn't? - Today it listed a link to get a free copy of Sophey Kinsella's Shopaholic book) I liked that it also searched other bargain sites and listed the top five from each site. The articles were well written as well. Fat Wallet wasn't so hot. . .

While I like the concept of financial tools...I really HATE putting my financial information Out There. I have a friend who's dealt with identity theft and frankly it's really easy to forget that you signed up for something and who knows how safe something really is? I certainly have no idea and I hate having to give a second thought to it. SIGH. I currently use Quicken (software I had to pay for) - having these free online tools really opens up financial planning when you would rather save the money instead of paying for the software.

On the topic of gardening . . . here's a nifty site that was shared with me recently. The U of M Extension site was informative. (Did you know that raw kidney beans are toxic? I didn't!)

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