Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thing #11 - Library & Reference

I enjoy the OverDrive app. It was the first thing that was ever really easy with OverDrive. (Thank goodness!) Our patrons are able to use it with relative ease which is great. (Just downloaded an audiobook of poetry by Billy Collins - I first heard his poetry on Prairie Home Companion when he was doing a reading of his poem "Hangover." He is hilarious.) 

I wish our library had Zinio. My spouse has a library account with a library that has Zinio and I love it. I can't think of anything better than magazines on demand when you are sitting someplace with time on your hands and you're not in the mood for a book. And....when reading magazines with Zinio on my tablet - I love to use the scrapbooker function that is on my Samsung Note tablet. I can easily copy bits of content to refer to later. 

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Michael Scott said...

Haven't used Zinio but do like the OverDrive app. Yes, finally something easy from OD.