Monday, June 9, 2014

Thing #10 Sharing Photos

I gave SnapChat a try. (I've used Instagram before.) I can see the allure that it has for teens. And I can see all of the ways that it could be used that wasn't its original intent:

SnapChat was developed by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, two Stanford University students who were convinced that emoticons were not enough to transmit the emotion that a person might be wishing could be sent with a text message. But they were also nervous that a quick snap of a cellphone camera showing a particular emotion might end up being inappropriate for a social media site where the picture could be posted for all the world to see. So the concept of a time-limited photo sharing application was born.

Anyone with kids will want to check this out:

Frankly, I think I might prefer SnapChat to some of the ways that I have shared photos on Facebook in the past. I very rarely share anything on Facebook because of privacy reasons (even though I have my settings set to what is supposed to be limiting.) SnapChat appeals to me in the way that I couldn't have anything drifting about and SnapChat seems to lack the personal data mining that Facebook does.

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Michael Scott said...

glad you checked out snapchat.