Thursday, February 5, 2009

Podcasting for Libraries

Programming Format

Who is Your Audience?

Identify your audience. Who do you desire to connect with and become a valuable resource for?

Identify the obstacles of reaching your audience. It seems that most of the patrons who are 'tweens to early twenties are familiar with and use MP3 players. The farther up in age, the larger the obstacle to inform a patron and make this technology relevant and accessible.

Endless Possibilities of Format:

o Book chats
o Audio recordings of classical and public-domain literature
o Audio recording of copyrighted literature that has been granted permission by author or publisher for use
o Recording of book club discussions
o First-hand accounts of local historical events
o Interviews
o Audio tours of a facility or website

What formats have you found to be the most interesting to you? What do you think would most apply to your library?

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