Monday, February 9, 2009

Thing #27 - Twitter

I've joined Twitter...and will now wait with baited breath...just how exciting will it be? I think the most exciting/interesting thing I had heard about Twitter was sometime, let's see, last year or year before? There was a demonstration/protest in the Twin Cities and people were able to avoid being dispersed or detained by the police by timely Tweets of the streets that the police were on. Viva revolucion!

I'm MnLibraryGrrl on Twitter. So come follow me - I'll be posting some library stuff, podcasting info, techie info that I can share.

I could see using this between staff to promote communication if we were a larger library. But I think it'd be overkill here.

I'll definitely be checking out if any of my friends are on Twitter. It'd be a handy way to keep up with them as I am a fan of Facebook's update but never seem to get there regularly.

Update: I've been on Twitter for about four days? I've already found use for it. I shared information that I had - one post was already "retweeted" and I've also asked for ideas and gotten responses. I like it!

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