Friday, February 27, 2009

Thing #30 - More Ways to Use RSS & Delicious

Well, first off, yeah, that Delicious is now the name of the site instead of del.ic.ious or whatever the heck it used to be. It was sooo frustrating!

I found that I do not like filtering my RSS feeds. I tried Spreeder and that was a total waste of time if you ask me...but then again, I pretty much feel like my RSS feeds are manageable.

Popacular - I found the all-time highest ranked websites most interesting.

Insuggest - It didn't work for my username. I tried other people's user names and it worked so. . . what's wrong with me? *sniffle* Oh, well. Maybe you need a minimum of bookmarks on Delicious for it to work?

I started a thread on the Ning for everyone to share their Delicious id to promote networking with our community there. And I have to admit, I'm curious to see what everyone else finds interesting enough to bookmark.

I don't really use Delicious for anything more beyond bookmarking yet. I am trying to build a Delicious network but really am not certain that I'll use it. Twitter seems be working for me for that networking purposes.

I really like the site - just started using that tool and it really works with the way I think visually - I like that I can sort this way - prefer that over Delicious' presentation. Althought with it being in beta it does make me nervous...would hate to put all my bookmarks there and then lose them (and the time putting them in) if it would become unavailable...which sometimes happens with things in Beta.

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