Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thing #28 Startpage

I've had both iGoogle and MyYahoo startpages. I ended up switching over primarily to iGoogle - I enjoy the multiple functions that it allows and often use Google tools for work and personal.

MyYahoo has some functions I really enjoy - I read Garfield and Ziggy and also look at current movie showings at local theaters. So, sometimes I check that on the weekend. :o)

iGoogle may not be the end-all be-all of startpages but it offers more than I can use and all that I need. I have had it happen with other Google before that they'd try something in Beta and then discontinue it (even though I loved it) but this will be around for good it appears with more and more to offer.

I used Blidget and added a widget that links back to my podcast at work. So, hopefully that will increase exposure as well. Blidget might be very handy for crossreferencing the three main websites we use at our library. We have a blog, a homepage and the podcast. I will certainly be trying things out.

Speaking of comics...everyone has seen Unshelved, right?? Hilarious! I love the one where the public internet computers go down and everyone is circling the desk with pitchforks...LOL

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