Tuesday, June 3, 2008

15). Online Gaming

Okay, so I surfed Puzzle Pirates. I was going to try 2nd Life at home last weekend but when it came to downloading more software onto my husband's computer (mine croaked and is now being reincarnated) I hesitated.

So, surfing Puzzle Pirates, I was intrigued to find a page listing all sorts of people who'd met, fallen in love and gotten married or became a couple from Puzzle Pirates. Ah, technolove.

The interactions with other pirates was fun...I wonder how many pirates are people hiding from their day job hunkered down in their cubicles? It was more fun than solitare on my computer - which I enjoy for the mindlessness of it.

Once my computer is back up and running I think I'll try 2nd Life then. I feel guilty putting time into surfing and game stuff in the summer but come winter I'll be ready to sit in the glow of my moniter, I'm sure.

Gaming at our library...well, that's about 95% of what the kids use the computers for. The one time I've actually been asked to help a kid with Word instead of www.PBSkids.com or www.nickelodeon.com I was pretty impressed that he was writing for fun. Yay!

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