Tuesday, June 3, 2008

17). ELM Productivity Tools

Holy. Cow. This is one of those things that you know you should know more about and I'm glad to have finally had a chance to do more than just skim the surface. (Even though it was more like dipping than dunking - there's so much information here!!)

I will be happy to add this to my arsenal for reference questions...here at my library very few people are doing actual research - and when they do we often come up short when it comes to obscure topics or anything that falls outside of our popular categories (cooking, crafts, gardening, dogs, WWII just to name a few).

These tools would benefit patrons who are looking to do research or even recall an article from a magazine. If we had enough demand for it a class for patrons would be great.

I am already rethinking how I've been researching the topic of going green. (I'm on the green committee here -- I really lucked out compared to one of our poor librarians stuck on the safety committee who gets stuck listening to park and rec and maintenence woes.) Anywho. It's great.

Oh, and I will be working this into one of the classes I'm teaching this summer on how to research medical conditions and live a healthy lifestyle. It's mostly about webtools but this will be a great resource for the more research motivated patrons.

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