Thursday, June 5, 2008

18). YouTube

This video cracks me up! My husband (who's from Nepal originally) tells me that India's Bollywood copies everything Hollywood does. He's right. The chance to see anyone else dress in red leather and dance like Michael Jackson is too fun(ny) to pass up.

I have fun surfing YouTube now and again - whether it's playing the old "I Love Lucy" scenes (like the grape stomp) or looking for the Hardee's commercial with the little old ladies asking "Where's the beef?" Of course, there is the undesirable (to me) instances of pornography. And of course there's the copyright issues. Ugh. But it's very fun for the consumer - you can even pull up old cartoons from the 80s that haven't come back by DVD (like the Snorks).

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Mollie Pherson said...

I love this video, too!!

Glad to see you have joined Round 2of 23 Things on a Stick! Have fun along the way and remember there will be prizes to all who complete the program by September 15th. Enjoy!

Mollie from SELCO