Saturday, June 14, 2008

22). What did I learn today?

I resolve to keep blogging.

I do find useful tools and I have useful information and I promise to share it. Hopefully someone else will find it interesting or helpful - isn't that what started the 23 Things in the first place? (Besides the fact that the creator was organized enough to put it all together?) I can try to be organized. Really.

What you'll likely find here in upcoming months will some of my own findings on library podcasting. Updates on favorite new authors and books....Maybe some of my own musings on writing.

Some things that I find useful in trying to stay current...blogs. I have several blogs in my iGoogle Reader - I catch up with them when I can and I almost ALWAYS run across an idea or resource that is useful or inspiring.

I also pick up PC magazine or Smart Computing now and again on my lunchbreak. I've come across new and interesting things now that I do searches with the words "social networking" as the main goal. Never know what you'll find!

One thing I have really come to realize is that there is a tool out there for every need...almost. So, if you find yourself getting frustrated about something see if you can find something that will help you out! The internet is limitless and full of possibilities.

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