Thursday, June 5, 2008

19). Podcasting

I prefer for podcast searching. I'm pretty enmeshed in podcasting right now. I've been designing a podcast program for the library. It's a collection of children's classic literature that's in the public domain (no copyright worries) and I'm soliciting patrons as readers for the content. I'm absolutely excited every time I get a new person interested in being involved.

I've also done recording with Audacity. Audacity is the perfect recording software. It's free and does all that you need it to do and more. For recording equipment we're using a usb hook-up mic to laptop and a few other various sorts of eqipment. (Pop filter, headphones....)

When we have our podcasts up I'll be posting the RSS feed link.

There are many possibilties for libraries to explore with podcasting - one that I've got rolling around in my head if this all goes well is the idea of collecting oral histories or doing a community reading (a different person reading each chapter) of a larger work.

Want to listen to classics or do some reading and share it with others? Check out LibriVox - it's a VERY awesome project. Also check out Project Gutenberg - tons fo eBooks and audio.

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