Tuesday, June 3, 2008

16). Student 2.0 Tools

The U 0f M Assignment Calculator is much more detailed than the Research Project Calculator, however, the RPC lets you sign up and get email reminders whereas the U of M AC is limited to faculty, staff and students of the U of M. You could save your research guide or print it out. I like to print things out so I can write all over them and take notes. And cross things off as I get done with them. Hehee.

Extra handy is the supporting materials page with TONS of helpful printouts. Check out under #4 - you can print out a "Copyright and Fair Use Tip Sheet" (there's an appropriate library handout!) and a "Permission to Use Copyrighted Resource Tip Sheet." There will certainly be helpful pages for longterm planning on projects at a library.

These links relate more to a previous Thing but thought I'd share these free and fabulous resources for organization and planning:



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Rastamommy said...

Here's a couple of more cool tools.

(use natural language to talk to a virtual assistant - it's conversational and figures out what you want)

(use your cell phone to do stuff for you with decent voice recognition - great for when you are on the road)

(use for any group of people - really easy to use and sets up a group email, public/private website with calendar, shared to-do in minutes)

and for the complete opposite of productivity tools: